Head and shoulders photo of Ben Frain

Hi! I'm Ben Frain

A book author and web developer in the UK
Book cover of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS, Third Edition
Get up to speed on the modern, professional way to build websites with HTML & CSS

—Dustin Lange

Book cover of Enduring CSS
It's greatly improved the productivity of myself and the team I've implemented it with.

—Dan Gamble


I send out an infrequent newsletter. It details what I've read, what I'm working on and what tips and tricks I've found along the way

Say, Hi!

You can send me an email by addressing contact @ this domain name.

My ‘handle’ is @benfrain on Twitter and GitHub. Note: I don’t follow people on Twitter (I love RSS) so please don’t take offence that I don’t follow back.


I’ve had the privilege of appearing on a few web-based Podcasts. Between you and me, I’d love to appear on more.

ShopTalk Show, 2018 Sass Bites, 2015 CTRL+CLICK, 2015 LeanPub, 2016


I speak infrequently at meet-ups and tech events. Some previous talks:

Enduring CSS @ MerseyCode CSS Architecture @ Frontrends Large Scale RWD Projects @ RWD Summit Pin Cing Do @ McrFRED


My ruminations and occasional panpharmacons are found in the blog. The most recent posts:

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