Head and shoulders photo of Ben Frain

Hi! I'm Ben Frain

A book author, web developer and occasional speaker
Book cover of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS 3
Awesome stuff. Really recommended for anyone ready to dive into HTML5/CSS3..


Book cover of Enduring CSS
It's greatly improved the productivity of myself and the team I've implemented it with.

—Dan Gamble


I’m currently working on a book for JavaScript beginners. Want to get a free early preview?

Say, Hi!
You can send me an email by addressing contact @ this domain name.
My ‘handle’ is @benfrain on Twitter and GitHub. Note: I don’t follow people on Twitter (I love RSS) so please don’t take offence that I don’t follow back.


I’ve had the privilege of appearing on a few web-based Podcasts. Between you and me, I’d love to appear on more.

ShopTalk Show, 2018 Sass Bites, 2015 CTRL+CLICK, 2015 LeanPub, 2016


I speak infrequently at meet-ups and tech events. Some previous talks:

Enduring CSS @ MerseyCode CSS Architecture @ Frontrends Large Scale RWD Projects @ RWD Summit Pin Cing Do @ McrFRED


My ruminations and occasional panpharmacons are found in the blog. The most recent posts:

March 2020 update Ring avulsion — how I lost my wedding ring finger Finite State Machines