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Hi! I'm Ben Frain

A web developer and author. I write web development books, make online courses, and publish YouTube videos.

Book cover of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS, Fourth Edition

Learn how to build modern, responsive websites.

Major updates in the latest, 4th Edition – container queries, cascade layers, subgrid and more.

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Video Course
Ultimate Text Editing Productivity with Sublime Text
This course is excellent. Ben did a great job of explaining the various functionalities of Sublime

Jovan Nikolic, Skillshare

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I've been a guest on a few web-based Podcasts. Between you and me, I’d love to appear on more!

Smashing Magazine Podcast, 2020 ShopTalk Show, 2018 Sass Bites, 2015 CTRL+CLICK, 2015 LeanPub, 2016


In 2021 I started my YouTube channel. The main topics I'm covering are:

Web Development Mechanical Keyboards Reviewing tech products and software

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