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Hi! I'm Ben Frain

A web developer and author. I write web development books, make online courses, and publish YouTube videos.

Book cover of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS, Fourth Edition

Learn how to build modern, responsive websites.

Major updates in the latest, 4th Edition – container queries, cascade layers, subgrid and more.

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Video Course
Ultimate Text Editing Productivity with Sublime Text
This course is excellent. Ben did a great job of explaining the various functionalities of Sublime

Jovan Nikolic, Skillshare

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More Keys or Fewer Keys for mechanical keyboards

I a 42-key keyboard for a couple of months to see how it compares to keyboards like the Glove80 and Advantage360; keyboards with nearly double the number of keys. I’d long held the belief that I couldn’t sensibly get by…

Yes! You can use position: sticky and overflow together

I have a fix for the perennial problem with position: sticky and overflow. Well, my perennial problem anyway. What is the problem, Ben? Position sticky is defined like this at MDN: is positioned according to the normal flow of the…