Responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS, Fourth Edition

Cover of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS, 4th Edition
Container Queries, Cascade Layers, subgrid, modern CSS colors and more

‘Responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS’ is the best-selling and highly acclaimed book that provides everything you need to start creating websites that look great on every phone, tablet and desktop computer.

It will teach you the main new features of HTML5 and how to use CSS’s stunning new capabilities including animations, transitions and transformations to create richer user experiences.

Real world examples demonstrate how to progressively enhance a responsive design for newer devices while providing fall backs for older, less capable ones.

Is it for me?

Are you a full-stack developer who needs to gem up on their front-end skills? Perhaps you work on the front-end and you need a definitive overview of all modern HTML and CSS has to offer? Maybe you have done a little website building but you need a deep understanding of responsive web designs and how to achieve them? This is the book for you!

All you need to take advantage of this book is a working understanding of HTML and CSS. No JavaScript knowledge is needed.

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Enduring CSS

Book cover of Enduring CSS

This is a book to deal with writing CSS for large-scale, rapidly changing web projects and applications.

This isn’t actually a book about writing CSS, as in the stuff inside the curly braces. It’s a book about the organisation and architecture of CSS; the parts outside the braces. It’s the considerations that can be happily ignored on smaller projects but actually become the most difficult part of writing CSS in larger projects.

Here are some of the topics covered in the book:

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Sass and Compass for Designers

Book cover of Sass and Compass for Designers

The CSS pre-processor, Sass, is becoming the de-facto standard for producing more maintainable cross-browser CSS with ease. ‘Sass and Compass for Designers’ will explain everything you need to get Sass and and its companion authoring framework Compass installed, mastered, and making your life easier. There will be no perplexing terminology or baffling syntax left unexplained. We’ll get set up and then build a site together, step by step, using the incredible power of Sass and Compass. Chapter by chapter information about this title can be found on the dedicated site:

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