After one too many bike rides where the party ended up lost, we have invested in a nice shiny Garmin Etrex HC. The plan is simple: download existing mountain bike routes to Etrex, clip Etrex to handlebars, party follows direction arrow on Etrex and a good day (that doesn’t involve stopping to check a map non of us can read every 10ft) is had by all.

One fly in the ointment is that there are no OSX based digital mapping solutions that accept ordnance survey maps. There are a few for the PC: Memory Map and Tracklogs to name two – but non that will run under OSX. So until such a program is released I’ll be forced to get something to run on my Windows machine…

I am, to say the least, rather baffled by the lack of OSX support, especially during the current Apple renaissance. However, anyone who has tried to make sense of the Garmin manuals or website is probably keeping their fingers crossed they don’t make any software for the Mac!

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