People are quick to criticise the NHS so I thought it only right to add praise where it’s due. The back story (not very interesting) – last night, with all the athleticism of a drunken elephant, I went head over heels off my mountain bike and landed on my shoulder like a fat javelin. It was hurting a little more than the usual bike injuries I frequently sustain so I headed to Macclesfield Accident and Emergency to get a professional opinion. I arrived at just after 11pm and was immediately booked in, saw the Doctor about 20 minutes later who sent me off for an X-ray. Walked straight around to the X-ray department and went straight in, had two X-rays on the shoulder and was sent back to wait results. I was expecting a long wait while they were processed but about 10 minutes later the doctor returned, confirmed there were no breaks and that the nurse would be along soon to sort out a sling for me. About 5-10 minutes later the nurse arrived, fitted the sling and explained the concoction of drugs I would need. I was back out of the door just after midnight. NHS – a service worth fighting to keep I think!

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