I’m Ben Frain, an experienced web developer living in Cheshire, England.

I build responsive web sites and applications and I’ve written three web development books.

Ben Frain recording ShopTalk show podcast with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert
Getting ready to record the ShopTalk show web development podcast with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert.

Front-end developer

I’ve been developing for the web since 1998.

My speciality is CSS, including CSS architecture and writing CSS that scales across large projects. I’ve written a popular book on Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 (now in its Second Edition). I’m also keenly interested in front-end code performance/optimisation and product design and dabble in JavaScript.

Besides writing web related books, whatever I learn I try and document in the blog section.

If you’re curious how I got into this game, the tools I like using and who I admire, Workspiration interviewed me here: http://workspiration.org/ben-frain

In addition Leanpub interviewed me for their podcast. There’s also a transcript of the interview there if you prefer reading.

Podcast appearances

I’ve had the pleasure of discussing web development on a number of industry podcasts:

  • ▹ Leanpub (September 2016). Talking about my odd path into web development, writing books and CSS architecture. Listen on iTunes
  • ▹ Sass Bites (February 2015). Talking about Front-end architecture. Watch on YouTube
  • ▹ Word-Break Show (January 2015). Listen on iTunes or direct
  • ▹ CTRL+CLICK podcast (April 2014). Listen on iTunes or direct
  • ▹ Upfront Podcast (June 2013). Listen on iTunes or direct
  • ▹ ShopTalk show (April 2013). Listen on iTunes or direct


I occasionally speak about web development:

In November 2017 I spoke at Mersey Code on ‘Enduring CSS’. Here’s a video of that talk on ECSS/Enduring CSS.

In August 2016 I talked at Frontrends about CSS architecture and the different ways of scaling CSS. You can view the slides here.

In November 2015 I spoke about ‘Enduring CSS’ at McrFRED in Manchester, UK. You can view the slides to that talk here or read the ‘Enduring CSS’ book here.

In early 2015 I spoke at the 2015 Responsive Web Design Summit about ‘Architecting Code on Large RWD Projects’. You can view the slides from that talk on Speaker Deck.

At the beginning of 2014 I spoke at the #McrFRED (Manchester Front-end developer) meet-up about embracing a philosophy for front-end development I’ve coined ‘Pin Cing Do’. You can view that talk here or read the ‘text’ version.

Back in 2013 I spoke at the 2013 CSS Summit about using the Chrome developer tools to troubleshoot CSS and Sass.