Ben Frain

Ultimate Text Editing Productivity with Sublime Text

Learn how to use Sublime Text like an expert! In this class you will learn all the incredible capabilities of Sublime Text, and how to use its tools and techniques to make your productivity soar.

Whether you are new to Sublime Text, or been using it for years and want to use it more effectively, Ultimate Text Editing with Sublime Text will take your editing capabilities to the next level!

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Excellent so far. A big plus is that the author is a native English speaker - in the past I took courses presented by non-native speakers, and their English was truly horrible. And the same went for the course quality. The two-minutes introductory section was enough to convince me that this is a professional course presented by a professional, highly skilled author.

Ivan Z.

I think that is a great course in order to get in deep the knowledge about SublimeText

Julio Carlos Sanchez O.

I was wasting a lot of time with sublime, and didn't feel in control of the features at all. Didn't even know about add-ons. At the half-way point in the course I feel so much more in control when using Sublime. I can now navigate around and concentrate on the work without being distracted and slowed by my lack of skill in Sublime.


Whether you are writing code or prose, Sublime Text can get the job done at a blistering pace.

We won't just cover the basics like installation and setup. Most of this course will deal with the killer features you probably don't even know about! This is a course for beginners and established users alike. Whether you use Sublime Text on Linux, Windows or Mac on screen shortcuts show the relevant keyboard shortcuts for each editor.

And much, much more!

This course is for any developer or writer looking to be more effective at text editing with Sublime Text.

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