Ultimate Text Editing Productivity with Sublime Text

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Over 3 hours covering almost everything Sublime Text has to offer

…This course is excellent…The content of the course is organised very well and provides the viewer with a lot of valuable information that helps make coding more efficient.

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Learn how to use Sublime Text like an expert! In this class you will learn all the incredible capabilities of Sublime Text and how to use its tools and techniques to make your productivity soar.

Whether you are writing code or prose, Sublime Text can get the job done at a blistering pace.

We won’t just cover the basics like installation and setup. Most of this course will deal with the killer features you probably don’t even know about! This is a course for beginners and established users alike. Whether you use Sublime Text on Linux, Windows or Mac on screen shortcuts show the relevant keyboard shortcuts for each editor.

Whether you have just got Sublime Text or been using it for years and want to use it more effectively, Ultimate Text Editing with Sublime Text has something for you!

We will cover:

– Viewing and reverting ‘diffs’
– Editing at speed with multiple cursors
– Creating build systems for oft used tasks
– Making snippets to expand common boilerplate text
– Switching windows and tabs with the keyboard
– Jumping through previous edit points and selections
– Using fullscreen and distraction free modes
– Using code folding to keep your mind on the task at hand
– Sublime Text has arithmetic built in. Use it to create numbered lists and auto calculate selections

And much, much more!

Animating with the JavaScript Web Animations API

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…Really enjoyed the course, and feel a lot more confident tackling animation in CSS or JS…It was really helpful to understand how the CSS and JS techniques overlap and differ, and why you would use each one.

Watch the course now at: Skillshare | Udemy

This class teaches you how to animate on the Web using the JavaScript Web Animations API.

You’ll learn how to transfer what you already know how to do in CSS, into JavaScript and then add extra capabilities like pausing and playing animations, starting one animation half way through another. Combining different animations together and synchronising a number of animations. All things you just can’t do presently with CSS alone.

We will start by re-making some basic CSS animations with the JavaScript Web Animations API, then once we get through the fundamentals, we will start making our project together — a interactive set of sequenced animations.

By the end of the course you should have a solid understanding of how to animate on the Web with the JavaScript Web Animations API.

Who is this class for?

You don’t need to be a JavaScript expert to use this API — I’m not!

However, if you are completely new to web development, this probably isn’t the class for you. I’d expect you to know how to write HTML and CSS and have a basic understanding of JavaScript. If you know what a function looks like, and how to write a click handler with ‘addEventListener’ I reckon you will be fine!