I stumbled across another thorn in the man made global warming theory today when I read this short piece in the Telegraph newspaper. Good old Nelson (a big hero of mine) and other seafarers of his day kept detailed meteorological logs including pressure, wind speed, air and sea temperature etc. The men in white coats, having examined the aforementioned data have primarily come to the following conclusion: it would seem Britain (and one could logically assume therefore the rest of the World) enjoyed similar climate variations back then as we are seeing today.

If we assume the data is accurate and is being analysed correctly it must lead to two possible scenarios: 1. Historical records have been completely fabricated and all ships of the day ran on premium 4 star/aviation fuel and created masses of CO2 causing an earlier period of man made global warming. Or, 2. global warming is a natural phenomenon, controlled in the main by forces beyond man’s control.