I recently reviewed the all-new 27″ iMac for Computer Active Magazine and was pretty impressed. I certainly didn’t experience any of the screen issues that are getting all the headlines. On the back of that, I recommended my brother get the 21.5″ version of the new iMac. Which was a mistake…

The first one suffered a damaged bezel, around where the black of the screen meets the aluminium ‘chin’. A one off I thought. Not so. To cut another long (but dull) story short, he has now had FIVE models delivered and all of them either had bezel damage or the black surround wasn’t aligned properly against the silver ‘chin’. Not what you’d expect when you’re dropping the best part of a grand on a system.

Despite Apple support team acknowledging the issue, they have ultimately refused to go any further to resolve the issue and instead provided a full refund. So instead, he’s going to plump for one of the previous generation models on the Apple refurb store.

However, with everyone shipped suffering some obvious defect or another I am amazed I’m not hearing any grumbles about this on the net. No one else had a squiffy screen on their new 21.5″ iMac?