The game

You’re stand at the beginning of a chalked out lane. This lane runs out an impossibly long distance, as far as you can see. It’s smooth like a Billiard table; the worlds largest athletics track.

Before you is a large heavy sphere. Almost as tall as you; a hulk of mass.

As you stand, others pass you on either side, heaving and rolling the spheres before them. The participants are of every conceivable size, age and inherent ability and each employs slightly differing techniques to move the ball along. Each is pushing the ball best they can at their own rate; some in bursts, pausing frequently to regain composure, some are steady and methodical. Some roll the ball on with seeming ease whilst others labour and exert themselves to move the ball just a few inches.

Looking behind you notice that all their lanes started some distance behind, some imperceptibly distant.

What is apparent is that the aim of the game is to get that huge ball moving, and move it as far as possible off into the distance.

This is learning.

The lanes are your subject, the ball your knowledge, the aim is as far off as you want or need it to be.

Anyone can learn anything

Some start sooner. Some begin with greater advantages. But we can all creep. The more we creep, the greater our momentum. The more we exert ourselves with dedicated effort, the more our strength and technique improves and slowly but surely we head towards our goal, however grand or humble that may be.

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