You arrived here because you have a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, and sometimes you try and scroll up and it just doesn’t do anything. I know, it is infuriating. If that is you, and you just want to see if the solution works, do this:

  • Download the Logitech options software. I know, really? Yes, really.
  • Choose the ‘Point and Scroll’ section and click the image of the scroll wheel.
  • Turn the ‘SmartShift’ option to OFF and set it to either ‘Ratchet’ or ‘Free Spin’.

Now try scrolling all the things that wouldn’t scroll properly before. That’s it!

I’m on a Mac so unsure how well this will work if you have the same issue on Windows.

This issue had become so infuriating for me, I had just ordered an MX Master 2 from Prime day because my MX Master 2 at work does not have the issue. I was about to either sell my 3 as faulty on eBay or open it up to see if there was anything I could try and fix. That was when I had one last look at the settings in Logitech Options.

Hope it works for you too?

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