Haven’t visited Wales for a mountain bike ride through the winter months. Just couldn’t summon any enthusiasm due to the pouring rain and dark nights (play the video to see an example of how the rampant global warming phenomenon impacts the Peaks in April).
However, went and rode the Cli-machx trail on Sunday and was thoroughly impressed. Reminded me how good it can be and prevented me sticking the Orange 5 on ebay. Like Penmachno it’s a very short trail (perfect for me – I hate long cross country rides) at only 9 miles but flows beautifully and includes Wales longest downhill. We tried to do the longer version featured on this site but there is a lot of tree felling going on until the end of June 2008 so suffered a few detours. If you like fast flowing rides without too many rocky drops, Cli-Machx is well worth a visit. The nearest postcode for the trail start is SY20 9HB.