I recently tested 3 helmet based cameras for Digital Video UK magazine. If you head to the Gallery section here [now defunct – sorry!] you can view 4 short video clips taken with the Blackeye2 camera fed into a JVC 77EK DV camera. Video was compressed with Squeeze 4.3. We were riding a great loop around the Edale valley in Derbyshire.
Most of the vids are a little slow as I don’t yet possess the courage to go faster. Sadly by the time we got to the biggest rockiest descent and the camera was on the fastest rider (Michael Chafer) the tape had run out (and we didn’t realise).
Still, one of the riders had a great idea on the way home – to put the camera on the back of someones helmet and therefore see other riders racing behind.
Expect some more vids of that ilk in the next few weeks.