TL;DR A complete overhaul and re-working of Packt Publishings best-selling responsive web design title.


  • A huge chapter on CSS Grid
  • CSS Scroll Snap
  • CSS mix-blend modes
  • Variable fonts
  • CSS font loading techniques
  • CSS clip-path and mask-image
  • CSS custom properties
  • prefers-color-scheme media queries (AKA dark mode)

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As I write this, there are only a couple of reviews from folks that kindly agreed to read and provide feedback. I’ll try and update this post with more snippets of reviews as they come in:

“Get up to speed on the modern, professional way to build websites with HTML & CSS.” Dustin Lange

“…it keeps you engaged in the reading process and you will have good laughs, because it is sprinkled with British humour.” Constantin Câmpean


I never got a website together specifically for the 2nd Edition, so I am pleased that for the 3rd Edition, actually has some content! You can go and read all about it there.

The code is all up on GitHub too for the curious:


I’ve been working on this since August 2019 so it’s fantastic to see it finally ‘out there’. Like most of us, I’m lucky enough to have a ‘day job’ so It’s been a case of chipping away, 1–2 hours a night to get this done. Guess I’ll have to find something else to do with my evenings now!


If you do read it, and want to provide feedback, I’d love to hear it, good or bad. It will help with any future editions. You can feedback by:

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  • Opening a GitHub issue on the book repository
  • Send me a Tweet if social media is more your thing.

Thanks for any readers, hope you enjoy it and find it useful!