Ben Frain HiDPI images piece for Web Designer magazine

Issue 200 of Web Designer magazine contains an I wrote on serving images to high resolution devices. It’s a topic I’ve written about many times before, most notably this post: How to serve high-resolution website images for retina displays and here: A full vendor stack for targeting High Resolution ‘retina’ devices.

I’ve also covered the topic in the Aviation publications, as detailed here: What do High Res (retina) displays mean for IFE (APEX magazine)? as well as my book, ‘Responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3’.

The piece for Web Designer magazine is in a step-by-step format but covers similar ground. How to create a full vendor stack for CSS background images, using Icon Fonts, how to provide inline images with Apaptive Images and the Picturefill polyfill. Get it at news stands now!