I contributed a piece to the latest MacUser magazine (149-2) which is a step by step on upgrading your MacBook Pro to Solid State Storage – but with an additional twist; this one covers how to have both a traditional hard drive in your MacBook (for the massive iPhoto/iTunes libraries) whilst also having a smaller capacity SSD for the operating system and applications.

It was made possible thanks to the OptiBay from MCE a caddy system that sits in the MacBook Pro in place of the usual optical drive (I mean does anybody really use their optical drive now anyway?). Before you panic, fear not, the optical drive goes into an included external enclosure so you don’t lose the functionality of the superdrive. It’s not a casual upgrade but hopefully the piece will give you all the confidence you need if you want the best of both worlds, bags of storage for you iLibraries and the blazing fast speed of an SSD.