Since this post we’ve already seen talk plan increases for the iPhone: both extra minutes and extra texts. Also any user grumbles about the 8GB storage size of the iPhone have now also been addressed (you can stump up even more cash for the 16GB model). However, it still seems likely that once the effects of those strategies starts to wane there will be an inevitable price down (whether subsidised by O2 or not).

With Apple’s self imposed ’10 million sold world wide’ target to meet, Apple and its partners will have to stimulate purchases each and every month along the way to hit that figure.

Sadly it isn’t just cost that is limiting uptake. There are well documented reception complaints and no real alternatives to the glacial surfing speeds of Edge/GPRS. However rumours circulating at present suggest Apple and its partners may opt for country wide Wi-Fi rather than 3G to solve this problem.

The iPhone – beautiful and revolutionary as it is, still suffers from a few thorns in its side. Thorns that would be easier for users to suffer with a choice of contracts/providers or a cheaper handset price?

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