So, here is the iPhone 3G. In case you haven’t already, check it out.
I moaned about the affordability of the original iPhone back here and here. Apple have obviously learnt their lesson and I think it’s hard to criticise the new pricing structure. The GPS is also a feature I’m glad to see them incorporate…
However, it still won’t do it for me. As amazing, beautiful and intuitive as the phone is, it’s still lacking a few things I just love having on my current handset (Nokia N95 8GB) – 5MP camera (not perfect on the N95 8GB by any stretch but definitely superior to the iPhone cam), Podcast download direct over Wi-Fi (iPhone requires you to download to desktop and then sync) and video recording, something the iPhone still has no official application for. The last feature in particular is really quite impressive on the Nokia.
So, much as I’d like to jump ship and save myself suffering the infuriates of the Symbian OS, unfortunately its features trump the iPhone 3G’s usability. For now at least.