Code editing on OSXIn the 28-08 issue of MacUser magazine, I wrote a feature on code-editors for OSX. I looked at BBEdit 10, Espresso, Coda and TextMate, explaining what I see as the benefits and pitfalls of each.
I also looked briefly at code-editing on the iPad (yes, code editing on the iPad), with a few recommendations for apps to check out if you’re into coding on the tablet.
So what is the best code-editor on OSX? Well, it’s subjective (obviously) and depends on your needs so if you need an overview of those four, and the kind of work they’re applicable for, grab a copy of MacUser now (grab the app here).

Note: whilst I didn’t review Sublime Text 2 in the feature (I mentioned it but MacUser doesn’t test unfinished products), that’s now where I spend most of my coding time. Hopefully do another post covering why in due course…

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