Commando: On the front line (ITV1) – What a great show, made all the better for the additional program, ‘The 55 year old Commando’ the week after which documented film maker Chris Terrill’s efforts to gain an honorary Green Beret at the tender age of 55! Watching these programs only cements the utter respect I have for members of our armed forces. Almost without exception they display utter professionalism under extremely tough conditions. For example, how would you fancy going straight to work in Helmand, Afganistan 1 week after finishing training?
Commando: On the front line, as the title suggests, focused on the Royal Marine Commando’s, whose training is widely regarded as the toughest in the world. Besides the usual intense training, before you can wear the coveted green beret the recruits have to successfully complete the following…

Endurance Course: A 2 mile obstacle course (think muddy freezing underwater tunnels, not zig-zagging out of traffic cones!) and then run 4 miles back to base before achieving a minimum of 6 out of 10 shots on the firing range. To be completed within 73 minutes.

Tarzan Assault Course: Death slide and tree based assault course, fall here and you’ll be lucky if you can walk away. 13 minute time limit.

Nine Mile Speed March: You have to average 10 minutes a mile as an entire unit. 90 minute limit.

Thirty Mile March: As the title suggests. Thirty miles across open Dartmoor hills (regardless of weather). 8 hour limit.

And the best bit is that all of those challenges have to be completed in full ‘fighting order’ – that’s carrying 30lbs of kit on your back and a rifle!

Seeing what our forces go through to earn their position and then the selfless way they perform their duties has been an extremely humbling watch. If it’s repeated be sure to set the recorder. More information on the series can be found here:

Perhaps more importantly, for more information on the Royal Marines Commandos – visit their website at