I read a snippet about this US show a while back in a writing magazine so when I saw that the SCI-FI channel was showing the première this week I decided to check it out.

Now, the fact that it was on ‘SCI-FI’ was a little worrying. I assumed the only frequenters to that channel were Egg heads and trekkies etc. So I changed channel and drew the curtains…

The first two episodes showed promise and were in many ways a kind of amalgamation of all the recent super hero films of late (an indestructible girl, the boy who can fly, a man who gets visions of the future). Separately no single story thread is remarkable but as a whole it potentially holds together. I say potentially as a lot will depend on how it develops from here.

By the end of the second episode there has been so much ‘borrowing’ from the heart of other ideas (the notion that these characters are evolutionary firsts is all too familiar for anyone who has seen an X-MEN film) my concern is that it has nothing much original to give.

It’s a NO1 show in the US at present but I wonder if the slight lack of originality will cause it to plummet in time. Or, perhaps it has plenty more cards up its sleeve and things haven’t got started in earnest yet. I hope the latter.

Catch ‘Heroes’ on SCI-FI, Mondays at 10pm. Read more about the show at the official site www.heroes-tv.com

By the way, the show creator, Tim Kring, was also the writer of 80’s movie ‘Teen Wolf Too’!