I’ve long bemoaned Windows for being, well Windows. The level of infuriation the various versions have given me over the years has caused me to utter it’s name in contempt more often than is healthy.

However, I’ve recently been test driving the new Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC). And, I’m very impressed. Unlike Vista it’s nice and zippy, the God awful Gadgets are gone (one of the many things robbed and poorly implemented from Mac OSX) and it actually has some really nice features. Further more, it’s running on my test system with just 1GB memory without any grumbles.

I’ll add further posts shortly, as I’ve already had to figure out a few little tweaks to get things set-up how I like them (like adding a Quick Launch to the Taskbar and adding Windows Mail) but this bodes very well for the final product, rumoured to be shipping in October. Interested in trying it for yourself? Head over to the Microsoft site to download Windows 7 Release Candidate