I’ve owned (and sold) just about every computer Apple has made since 2000. My current weapon of choice is the MacBook Pro. It’s the only solution when you need a bit of oomph but you also need to take it with you (I’ve tried but a Mac Pro won’t fit in my rucksack no matter how I try). With an SSD drive in there it’s gloriously quick. But here’s the rub with the current MacBook Pro:

Even a 250GB SSD drive (which would cost a whopping £400-ish) just isn’t enough to hold iPhoto, iTunes, video footage, articles etc. So that presents a conundrum:

Use an SSD as the drive and have an external HDD for surplus data (annoying because you need to carry external HDD around or only take half your data with you)


Use a standard HDD. Which is slow compared to an SSD but at least fits everything on.

However, surely there’s another option should Apple choose. I NEVER use the optical drive. Maybe once a year, if that. I’d venture it’s the same for many users. So I’m hoping for the next MacBook Pro iteration that Apple ditch the Optical drive (A la MacBook Air) and provide, as standard, a further HDD bay. That way I could have an SSD for the boot volume and applications and a traditional HDD for the storage. Then a cheapo external USB superdrive for the 2 days a year I actually need it.

If that doesn’t happen, I suppose I’ll be opting for a MCE OptiBay or OWC Data Doubler. More on that soon…