Each year, Aircraft Interiors International magazine produces a ‘showcase’ supplement called ‘Aircraft Catering International‘. I’ve just written a feature for the 2012 edition which has been called ‘Gold Rush‘ – covering ancillary revenue creation on-board aircraft.

It covers how different airways of managing to create additional ancillary revenue on-board aircraft, everything from the catering systems they employ, to Korea Air’s on-board duty free shops on the A380. It also looks at NFC’s relevance to on-board retailing and the need for air to ground connectivity.

The UKIP editorial folks (Anthony James and Izzy Kington) are a great bunch and make my life easy by providing a bunch of contacts to go and chase for great input and this feature didn’t disappoint. I got chance to talk to people including Raphael Bejar (CEO of Airsavings), Peter Cullen (Commercial Director of Portfolio Partners), Mark Thompson (CEO of Thompson Aerospace), the venerable Michael Childers (long time IFE consultant and writer), Michael Planey (IFEC expert with HM Planey Consultants), Brett Proud (EVP for new markets and products at GuestLogix), Geoff Underwood (MD of IFPL), David Pook, (Director of system applications marketing for Thales Avionics), Derek Ellis, chief creative officer for Massive Interactive as well as Katie Windsor, a member of the Thompson Airways cabin crew and winner of the ‘Best use of product knowledge’ at the Inflight sales person of the year awards.

The entire supplement will be available to read in the coming months at the http://www.ukipme.com/mag_aircraftinteriors.htm.