Every time I make something ‘appy’ I have to switch off or reset a bunch of user agent styles so that I can use the correct element for the job at hand but style it inline with the project I’m building.

App-reset is therefore a small and minimal amount of CSS reset intended specifically for web applications.

Accessibility Notes

These resets target HTML elements that typically receive styling defaults by User Agents that I always need to ‘undo’.

Be aware that some of these resets have a negative impact on the default usability and accessibility of a web page. Therefore, ensure you add an equivalent accessible style back that matches your project aesthetic.

You’ll want to run this through Autoprefixer

You’ll typically need to run this through (https://github.com/postcss/autoprefixer) for production. Only essential prefixes are added here (e.g. proprietary property value/pairs) and you’ll need to set prefixing relative to your desired browser support matrix.

Any suggestions I trust you’ll let me know.