My fourth book, ‘Enduring CSS’ is available now from Leanpub. It’s e-book only (for the time being at least) and comes in DRM free PDF, ePub and MOBI formats.

It’s a book that covers CSS architecture. More specifically, how to write CSS for large projects that is maintainable, easy to decouple as needed, and retains a trim file size over the long course of a large project.

It’s a subject I’ve covered many times before here and in talks. The decision to consolidate my preferred approach in book form was to provide a canonical reference for the ECSS approach.

I’d love it if you did buy the book but you don’t have to. The vast majority of the content will be available online for free. In the coming weeks I’ll be building out my colleague, Matt Mitchell’s wonderful designs for the website and you’ll be able to read the majority of the content there for free.

Unlike my previous, traditionally published books, I intend to update this book further in the coming weeks; something that just isn’t possible with traditional publishers. As an example, there’s another chapter to come shortly which includes data and insight on CSS selector speed.

Pre-release offer

If you follow this special link => you can buy the book now with $5 off. You’ll get all the future content and updates of the book for free but I’m hopeful that early readers will be able to point out any obvious shortcomings in the content and typos that I can address in the very near future.

I’m toying with a few extras to include as part of a (yet unreleased) bundle deal:

  • recording an audio version to include as part of a bundle, for people like me who like taking in information during a commute
  • sets of slides covering the approach
  • a video of me covering the approach (likely recorded ‘live’ at a local meet-up or similar).

Do let me know if any of those are of potential interest?

I hope you find Enduring CSS useful and I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions, whether here or on the comment section of the book’s web page.