Wacom Intuos5 review insideThe latest issue of MacUser is now in the shops and besides the UK’s first Mac magazine review of the ‘new iPad‘ it includes my recent full review of the Wacom Intuos5 touch tablet with wireless kit (it’s obviously a Mac specific title so sorry Windows folks, not much use to you). I’ve had a number of the Wacom tablets over the years and whilst I’ve always enjoyed using them on specific projects (anything brush heavy in Photoshop for example, or colour correction in Final Cut Pro), they’ve then usually found themselves heading back to the draw of my filing cabinet (and then eventually eBay). The problem is I’m not a ‘hard core’ tablet user and using the pen instead of the mouse just never became second nature. However, the Wacom Intuos5 touch could change that. It effectively doubles as a Magic TrackPad (albeit at four times the price) for day to day stuff and then good ‘ol stylus based tablet when the need arises. Anyways, lot’s more info in the review, so if you’re interested in the Wacom tablets, pick up a copy in your local newsagent.