I’ve written a short review of the new 2009 iMac which has been published in the current Computer Active magazine.

Interested parties can read Ben Frain’s 2009 20″ iMac review on the Computer Active website. In summary, whilst I’m still a massive fan of the iMac this latest version with its associated price hike makes it more difficult than normal to recommend…

I would also add here that you can still get the older 2008 model from Apple’s refurb store. It’s arguably a better buy than the current model (despite it being shipped in a brown box so resale value will perhaps be a little lower) so I’d recommend people consider a refurb 2008 model instead if they want to save the pennies.

However, if you’ve been considering a Mac, these are still cracking machines and still likely to provide a lower total cost of ownership compared to a PC*

*the initial outlay, expensive as it seems next to a PC, is usually recouped by a higher resale value after 2-3 years, meaning it’ll actually cost you less in the long run.