Going back a few years I used to enjoy ITV dramas like Band Of Gold, Cracker and Reckless. Then for what seemed like years we had the fly-on-the-wall ‘revolution’ and ITV expected us to sit through shovel loads of turgid crap.
Thankfully, ITV seemed to have turned a corner (perhaps the fruits of Michael Grade’s appointment) and we now have dramas like ‘Torn’, which for the most part was thoroughly entertaining stuff. Cast, crew, director (Sarah Harding) and writer (Chris Lang) did a great job. Performance wise Bradley Walsh (as Stephen Taylor) was man of the match for me. However, one thing that was pointed out to me that was never fully explained…

**Spoiler Alert!**

In episode 2, Bradley Walsh’s character returns back from the pub and there is a crowd around his flat where he learns his other half has fallen from the building.

However, in the final episode (3), we learn he has thrown her from the building. So… How did he get from the flat (where he threw her from) and back to the pub and then back to the scene without anyone seeing him?