Sass and Compass feature by Ben Frain in .net magazine 233

Issue 233 of .net magazine (Page 92 onwards) includes a feature I wrote for them called ‘Boost Sass & Compass efficiency’ – covering how to write more efficient Sass and Compass generated style sheets.

Sass and Compass often get (unfairly) blamed for producing bloated stylesheets so this tutorial explains some tips and tricks for writing more efficient CSS files with Sass and Compass. It covers things like switching off support for old versions of Internet Explorer, only including the Frameworks and resets needed, choosing an output format (compressed/expanded etc), the @extend directive, placeholder styles and the like.

Better still, it was peer reviewed by Sass’s own core team member, Chris Eppstein, so thanks to him for offering a few tips to add to the piece, like how to add ‘loud’ comments. Also thanks to Paul Irish for offering some input on when to concern yourself, file size wise, with CSS optimisations.

You can pick up the latest issue now at newsstands or online.