I provided a feature for Vol 28 Issue 19 of MacUser magazine titled ‘The whys and hows of CSS preprocessing’. As you may have guessed it covers CSS preprocessing (e.g. Sass, LESS and Stylus) with some great expert input…

Besides explaining CSS preprocessing and its benefits to the uninitiated (if you don’t know your mixins from your nesting rules, we have your back) there is some great input on the subject from (in order of appearance):

  • Andy Clake (speaker, web gentleman of Wales, author of ‘Hardboiled web design‘)
  • Amber Weinberg (I didn’t actually speak to Amber, the editorial team did but thanks Amber)
  • Chris Coyier (purveyor of css-tricks.com, speaker, author and generally jolly nice coding web bear)
  • Dave Rupert (one third of paravelinc.com, host of ATX Web Show and half of the hosting team behind the ‘Shop Talk Show‘ podcast: in my mind I think of Shop Talk Show like Anchorman, with Dave as Ron Burgundy)
  • Dan Eden (from near my own neck of the woods, Dan is responsible for the Brills app, the animate.css animation library and more).

It’s not a one-sided affair, whilst Mr Clarke, Coyier and Rupert extoll the virtues, neither Weinberg or Eden are convinced. I know which side my breads buttered but I do love a good debate – hope you do too, the article starts on page 84.

If anyone does check it out, as ever, I welcome your feedback…