My new course, 'Ultimate Text Editing Productivity with Sublime Text' is out now on Udemy and Skillshare.

I've been working on this course most of this year, making sure I've covered all the incredible stuff Sublime Text 4 brings too.

Why Sublime Text

I've been using Sublime in various capacities since 2012, nearly a decades worth of learning! How many pieces of software can you say you have used daily for nearly a decade? I think that's testament to how good Sublime is. Sure VS Code is the current dev fav but it just can't compare to the speed and efficiency of Sublime!

Whether you are writing code or prose, Sublime Text can get the job done at a blistering pace.

What's this course about?

In this course, we don't just cover the basics like installation and setup. Most of this course deals with the killer features you probably don't even know about! This is a course for beginners and established users alike.

Whether you use Sublime Text on Linux, Windows or Mac, on screen shortcuts show the relevant keyboard shortcuts for each editor.

Perhaps you just got Sublime Text, or maybe you've been using it for years and want to use it more effectively? Either way, Ultimate Text Editing with Sublime Text has something for you!

Some topics we cover:

  • Viewing and reverting 'diffs'

  • Editing at speed with multiple cursors

  • Creating build systems for oft used tasks

  • Making snippets to expand common boilerplate text

  • Switching windows and tabs with the keyboard

  • Jumping through previous edit points and selections

  • Using fullscreen and distraction free modes

  • Using code folding to keep your mind on the task at hand

  • Sublime Text has arithmetic built in. Use it to create numbered lists and auto calculate selections

And much, much more!

Free codes for the RSS subs

I have a few free codes for the RSS and newsletter subscribers. When they are gone, they are gone: Use this link to watch Ultimate Text Editing Productivity with Sublime Text for free on Skillshare!

Be sure to leave a review if you do watch and find it useful, it really helps get the course promoted amongst the others.