Ruminations and occasional fugacious panpharmacons of Ben Frain

GPS: Starbuck Point Of Interest file (Tom Tom)

105 words

NHS: A+E – in, x-rayed, diagnosed and out in 1 hour!

207 words

WRITING: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 review in shops next month

102 words

SPAM: Every so often one makes up for all the junk…

742 words

CARS: Mini Cooper D test drive

799 words

TECH: Final Cut Studio 2? Not on Mac Mini. Why Apple needs a ‘Mac Middle’

291 words

MTB: Routes travelled, interactive map

85 words

MTB: The MBR mountain bike trail in north Wales

224 words

GENERAL: How coffee is decaffeinated

261 words

TV: Heroes – the jury is out…

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