Ruminations and occasional fugacious panpharmacons of Ben Frain

Understanding Middleman – the static site generator for faster prototyping

3943 words

Understanding the viewport meta tag, CSS @viewport and making an automatic link to your app

1040 words

Resolution independent triangles with CSS and SVG (for HiDPI)

671 words

How to test whether it’s worth using data URIs (e.g. base64) for image assets in (S)CSS?

946 words

CSS3 background shorthand still not working cross browser

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IFEC integration piece for Business Jet Interiors magazine

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‘bb-grid’ – A simple, responsive, Sass based grid ‘thingy’ to lay out UI elements

278 words

Responsive Grid Frustrations – Susy, Zen and sub-pixel rounding

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Experts: nobody knows everything

1132 words

Faster Sass debugging and style iteration with source maps, Chrome Web Developer Tools and Grunt

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