Ruminations and occasional fugacious panpharmacons of Ben Frain

Attempting to fix responsive SVGs in desktop Safari (and some WebKit browsers)

870 words

Working with lists and @each loops in Sass with the index and nth function

1165 words

Selecting HTML5 id and class names that start with a number in CSS

343 words

My second book – Sass and Compass for designers

1886 words

How to get the free Microsoft IE virtual machines installed on OS X

526 words

Tips for using SVGs in web projects

2386 words

SVG backgrounds don’t zoom correctly in Internet Explorer 10

40 words

Understanding Middleman – the static site generator for faster prototyping

3943 words

Understanding the viewport meta tag, CSS @viewport and making an automatic link to your app

1040 words

Resolution independent triangles with CSS and SVG (for HiDPI)

671 words